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Could it be the best of the best? Could it be a noob? Could it be a BL36PH? It is a BL36PH. Rather than that, I could have a lot of attempts to have seen too much Tri-Rail Trains instead of Conrail. Anyways, I wish I had FEC 2000 restored and a GG1. I'm a Fort Lauderdale Railfanner, and I try my best to get lots of images from here and anywhere else to here to this site. That's called a photo collector. Some of my images are taken by me.



Manufacturer Tables:

EMD SD70ACe Production Roster (Known, To Date)

OwnerRoad Number(s)QuantityDate Built
Arkansas & Missouri Railroad70-72 (Demos, 1201-1203)32012
BHP Billiton Iron Ore (Australia)4324-4333102008
BNSF Railway8750-8799, 9000-93994502006-2013
Electro-Motive (Demo)GM70-GM73, 1201-1205, 201282003-2012
Kansas City Southern4000-4059, 4100-4129, 4140-41641152005-2008
Luminant Energy53008-53009 (Demos, 1204-1205)22012
Montana Rail Link4300-4315, 4400-4403202005-2013
Norfolk Southern1000-1064, 1065-1074 (Wears Heritage Liveries), 1075-10991002011
Quebec, North Shore & Labrador501-513132009-2011
Union Pacific1982, 1983, 1988, 1989, 1995, 1996, 4141 (All Wear Special/Heritage Liveries): 8309-8423, 8521-88234252005-2011

EMD SD70ACe-P4/6 Production Roster (Known, To Date)

OwnerRoad Number(s)QuantityDate Built
Canadian National8100-8103 (Ex-SD70ACe-P6 Demos 1206, 1208-1210)42013
Electro-Motive (Demo)1206, 1208-1210, 4223 (SD70ACe-P6)52013
Electro-Motive (Demo)1207, 1211-1212 (SD70ACe-P4)32013
Tacoma Rail7000-7001 (Ex-SD70ACe-P4 Demos 1211-1212)22013

EMD SD70ACe-T4 Production Roster (Known, To Date)

OwnerRoad Number(s)QuantityDate Built
Electro-Motive (Demo)1501-1505, 1601-1610152015-2016
Union Pacific3000-3087 (Presumably)882015-2016

Union Pacific has acquired all SD70ACe-T4 demonstrators except #No. 1501 and SD70ACeP4-T4's #1603 and #1604.

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